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Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Kipnes’ new book — co-authored with his wife, Michelle November, MSSW — is available now.

How do we guide children to be spiritually balanced, emotionally whole, Jewishly connected individuals?

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Rabbi Paul Kipnes

. Spiritual leader of Congregation Or Ami. paulkipnes paul kipnes

Latest Blog Posts

When the Sadness is so Deep: After Fires Burned Down Camp Newman Buildings

October 13, 2017

When sadness over the fires at Camp Newman fill you with sadness, remember that we are a resilient people. Read more

Open Letter to Camp Newman Teens, Staff and Alumni from Rabbi Paul

October 11, 2017

An open letter to Camp Newman teens, staff and alumni from Rabbi Paul Kipnes about getting through after the fire. (Okay to share with adults too) Read more

Upon waking from the Fires: The Sacred Power of “And”

October 10, 2017

Our hearts hold both the loss of URJ Camp Newman AND care for all those facing harm and devastation. Read more

Lifting the Veil of Silence about Mental Illness

October 4, 2017

It is time for us to lift the veil of silence around mental illness, talking about it and our mental health journeys. Especially in the Jewish community. Read more

A Kaddish after Gun Violence: For When Humanity Fails Itself

October 3, 2017

A Kaddish after Gun Violence: For when Humanity Fails Itself Read more

How My Synagogue Helped My Child Save Herself (in her Battle with Depression)

October 3, 2017

A mother speaks about her appreciation that the Congregation Or Ami and its rabbis offered deep support for their daughter on her battle with depression. Read more

Confessions from the Edge of a Cliff: My Teen Mental Health Journey

October 2, 2017

Teen Dani, an 11th grader, shared her mental health journey (through depression) to an overflowing synagogue on Yom Kippur. Read more

That Time I had it Out with God

October 1, 2017

The mother died four days after her daughter became Bat Mitzvah. And then I had it out with God. Read more

Isaac’s Story in the Akedah: The Two Walked on Together

September 25, 2017

What are Isaac’s thoughts on the Akedah, when his dad almost sacrificed him? A first person perspective about sons and fathers. Read more