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Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Kipnes’ new book — co-authored with his wife, Michelle November, MSSW — is available now.

How do we guide children to be spiritually balanced, emotionally whole, Jewishly connected individuals?

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Rabbi Paul Kipnes

. Spiritual leader of Congregation Or Ami. paulkipnes paul kipnes

Latest Blog Posts

History-holding Friend is a Gift from God

April 1, 2017

Devoted, history-holding, once-in-a-blue-moon-visiting friends are a transcendent gift from God.

Strangers at the Shiva Minyan

March 13, 2017

Seeking to extract meaning from the shiva minyan, we held onto the stories that brightened that house of mourning.

Addressing Homelessness: One Synagogue’s Journey to Justice

March 6, 2017

47,000 people are living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. The Bible mandates we “give shelter to the homeless” (Isaiah58:7). A Reform Jewish congregation with a long history of taking on troublesome social justice issues. Measure H, a ballot measure designed to end homelessness, is endorsed by both democratic and republican leaders.

Authors Night at Calabasas Library: Rabbi Kipnes and Michelle November on Jewish Spiritual Parenting

February 20, 2017

Authors Night with Host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library. Rabbi Paul Kipnes and Michelle November, MSSW, who co-authored the book, “Jewish Spiritual Parenting: Wisdom, Activities, Rituals and Prayers for Raising Children with Spiritual Balance and Emotional Wholeness,” explore spiritually nourishing approaches to help you foster essential Jewish values like gratitude, joy and honesty in … Read more

Why Judaism cannot be anti-abortion

February 19, 2017

Why Judaism cannot be anti-abortion

At the local Mosque: Sharing Love with our Muslim Neighbors

February 6, 2017

Holding signs of support, we Jews gathered at the local Muslim mosque as part of an interfaith group of the faithful and other community leaders.

Text To My Children, On the Inauguration

January 20, 2017

I sent this text to my children, on Inauguration Day – 1/20/17

How to Fix the World: Wisdom from Men’s Night Out

January 20, 2017

A group of men gathered at Congregation Or Ami’s Men’s Night Out, and took up Dr. King’s challenge. We asked “What are our responsibilities as men to our community, our country and or world?”

Helping the Heart See What the Eyes Cannot Perceive

January 13, 2017

Think how much of life we miss when we cannot really see! Though our eyes may function quite well, our hearts and minds may impede their ability to find blessing in what is before them. This is precisely what happens to our patriarch Jacob.