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Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Kipnes’ new book — co-authored with his wife, Michelle November, MSSW — is available now.

How do we guide children to be spiritually balanced, emotionally whole, Jewishly connected individuals?

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Rabbi Paul Kipnes

. Spiritual leader of Congregation Or Ami. paulkipnes paul kipnes

Latest Blog Posts

Tel Aviv Up Close Thru the Eyes of a Long Distance Friend

April 23, 2018

In a land that oozes holiness, watching my wife Michelle, a long distance lover of Israel, rediscover the Holy Land has been fascinating. Read more

Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut in an Airplane to Israel

April 19, 2018

Celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday on an airplane to Israel and thinking about this spiritual ascension. Read more

I Mansplained a Woman Rabbi and I Liked It

April 13, 2018

Sitting in a meeting, chewing over some complex sensitive issues, I mansplained a respected female rabbi… and I liked it! Well, not really. Read more

Israeli Rabbi Or and Feliza Zohar Stir Souls with Reform Jewish Kabbalah and Music

April 11, 2018

Quoting Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), exploring the metaphors of light and darkness, moving with ease back and forth between Israel’s Galilee and California’s Calabasas, Rabbi Or and Feliza Zohar at once teach and transform, explicate sacred texts and invigorate souls.  Read more

When Cutting One’s Hair for Chemo

March 27, 2018

When Cutting One’s Hair for Chemo: A Prayer/Blessing/Drash/Spoken Word Rap Read more

There’s So Much I Don’t Understand about Women (Rabbis)

March 22, 2018

I confess there is so much I don’t know about women (Rabbis) and the experience of women in the rabbinate. But I’m listening and learning. Read more

Parent-Teen Mental Health and Wellness Summit

March 4, 2018

The Parent-Teen Mental Health and Wellness Summit realized a dream: to transform our synagogue, Congregation Or Ami (Calabasas), into a truly safe place for teens, their unique emotional journeys, and the parents who love but are unsure of how to protect them. Read more

Shamor v’Zachor – protect and remember – after the shootings, teaches Rabbi Doug Segal

February 19, 2018

In the wake of the shootings, Rabbi Douglas Sagal taught: On Shabbat, we light two candles. Why two? Twice the Ten Commandments are stated in the Torah; once in the Book of Exodus and once in the Book of Deuteronomy. There are slight differences in the two texts of the… Read more

Two by Two: Saving the Children From the Storm of bullets Raining Down on their Heads

February 16, 2018

Two by Two, we can save the children from the bullets like Noah’s Ark saved the animals, before we fall back to sleep. Read more