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13 Ways to Commemorate 9/11 (It is Still Not Too Late)

A favorite blog, Ima on (and off) the Bima, offered these 13 ideas of how to commemorate 9/11.

  1. Attend a ceremony. We will be at the flagpole at Am Shalom, 840 Vernon Avenue, in Glencoe, at 7:45am.
  2. Give blood.
  3. Donate money to a political campaign. Any campaign. Being able to participate freely in the democratic process is a victory!
  4. Call or connect with an old friend.
  5. Tell your children where you were when it happened.
  6. Send a card or care package to soldiers overseas
  7. Visit a veterans’ home or hospital.
  8. Bring flowers, cookies, or just a note to your local police or fire department.
  9. Read the biographies of some of the victims of the attacks. Share them with your family or friends.
  10. Fly a flag.
  11. Read the Bill of Rights. Remember how important it is to us.
  12. Wear red, white and blue.
  13. Smile at a stranger. Try to remember what it felt like on September 12th and 13th…we all felt connected, bonded. Everyone was a little kinder, a little gentler.

How did you commemorate this holy day?

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