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7 Things I Learned At Shabbat Dinner from New Friends

Just as Shabbat dinner was mouth-watering, the Shabbat experience was delicious.

1. When you ask some people about their work and what they like about it, you hear some of the most fascinating stories. Who knew that real estate appraising, entertainment accounting, large corporation marketing and bankruptcy law was that interesting.

2. The movie Airplane still is as in appropriate and as funny as it was when it came out back in the previous century.

3. Our hostess makes a delicious brisket, and according to my wife, an out of this world eggplant dish.

4. When you gather people together, light two candles, raise a cup of grape juice or wine, and bless some bread, stories and shared, lives are revealed and wonderful new relationships are easily formed.

5. One can talk about the effects of social media, the future of America-Israel relations, and joys and challenges of raising kids while still savoring chocolate brownies.

6. Give kids a bunch of magic markers, or a dog and a tennis ball, and they can entertain themselves for hours.

7. Shabbat can be so sweet when shared with others!

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