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Journey Forth to Inclusion and You Shall Be a Blessing – Parashat Lech Lecha

Lech L'cha - our journeys, especially those that lead us beyond the familiar or out of our comfort zones, can lead to inspiring metamorphosis. When Abraham and Sarah ventured into the unknown, they became a long lasting great nation. We pray that by embracing inclusion our synagogues, camps, youth movements, day schools, JCC’s and other Jewish organizations will similarly heed the Divine call.

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Parenting Talks

We would love to talk/teach about Jewish Spiritual Parenting at your temple, synagogue, day school, Jewish Community Center, camp, group home, or organization. Potential topics include: Parenting – All Ages Transforming Your Children’s Attitude into Gratitude 5 Jewish Values that will Transform Your Parenting Reframing the Conversation: Strategies to Nurture Self-Reliance in our Children Talking to your …

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