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A Prayer for Physicians

Too many who are dear to me (and to our congregation) of necessity must turn to their physicians to help chart the course of their futures.

For the doctors of Steve and Craig and Mike and Jill and Ken and Craig and Teri and Aidan and… and… and…, we pray.

Doctors (and other caregivers) are amazing repositories of knowledge of the art of healing. With compassion and skill, they match symptoms with diseases to diagnose what ails. With confidence and hope, they match diseases with treatments in hopes of alleviating discomfort and, where possible, to bring about a cure.

My friend Alden Solovy, gifted liturgist, whose website www.tobendlight.com collects his original prayers for almost every situation, offers this prayer for physicians:

G-d of Old,
We are flesh and blood,
Imbued with Your divine spark,
Strong, but vulnerable.
You have blessed us with men and women
Who dedicate their lives to health and healing,
Preventing disease, reducing pain,
Prolonging lives, providing hope. 

G-d of life,
Watch over our physicians –
And all who work in the healing professions –
As they serve us during times of health and
In the times of our deepest needs.
Bless their hands with kindness,
Their eyes with courage,
Their hearts with sincerity
And their souls with love,
So that they become
A fountain of healing.
Bless them with fortitude and strength. 

Rock of Ages,
Bring an end to pain and suffering,
So that all may know
Your compassion and Your grace.
Bless doctors throughout the world
With Your warmth and shelter,
Even as we bless them
With our eternal gratitude and love.

© 2013 Alden Solovy and http://www.tobendlight.com. All rights reserved.

Send this prayer along to your favorite doctors. Let them know that we pray for their skills, their hearts, their work.

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