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A Prayer for our Children, Returning to School

As Shabbat approaches, may we take to offer the following prayer and intention for all of those in our community who may have children, grand-children or loved ones who are on the verge of a new school year. In the next few days, or perhaps this Shabbat evening, please take a moment to recite it with your children, grand-children or loving friends.

In this time, as our children return to school
And those who for the first time, are exploring a classroom,
We pray to You our God and God of our ancestors – patient and compassionate
Grant them a safe beginning and throughout the year
With good health
Choosing life at every moment.
May you provide for our children’s needs and for our families —
Allowing encouragement, kindness and inspiration.

May our children’s teachers be responsible and confident and may they be well-supported.
May this year be a year of transformation – to recognize what is possible.
May we love our children as they are
And may we be gentle with them as they develop their skills.

May the days of our children endure as the heavens above the earth
Everlastingly and in peace – may they know not bullies in their midst.

May we create the world that we envision for our families and let us appreciate this moment as it is,
As it quickly flies away.
Let us not be afraid of new beginnings
And may appreciation and purpose resound in every assignment.

May school corridors be safe and may new friends emerge
May our children be happy, refreshed and loved.

Baruch atah Adonai, Elohaynu Melech haOlam
Shech’yanu, v’kiymanu, v’higianu, lazman hazeh.

Praised are You, our God, Guide of the Universe
for giving us life, for sustaining us and enable us to reach this time.

Composed by Hazzan Neil Blumofe, Austin, Texas, 24 August 2007, Congregation Agudas Achim, 7330 Hart Lane/PO Box 28400, Austin, Texas

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