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Blogging by iPhone

Here I sit in my comfy chair in the livingroom, bloging away on my iPhone with a cool app called BlogPress. I learned about it while tweeting from my iPhone. I just put out a request for suggestions for a blogging app and voilà, someone I don’t know responded with a great app. How cool is that?

Along the way, I came across a great tweet – using my Twitteriffic app – which read:

HUC,NY student Melissa Zalkin Stollman’s thesis is a concerted effort to “envision Jewish peoplehood” for N. AmJews: http://bit.ly/a7Xluo

It led me to an article which spoke the truth hidden from those Jewish professionals who fail to face the Internet community. That people find community and information and Jewish meaning in so many places. And that often the synagogue is not one of those places. Thus begins the search for the new beginning for synagogue communities. Who are we in the facebook-Twitter-Internet age?

I’m open to answers…

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