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Drawing: How I Spent My Day 2/19/2013

Worked with an insightful Bar Mitzvah student to make sense of his Torah portion
Sent our youngest son off to Israel with his school
Spoke with prominent Rabbi about creating a Jewish religious voice to help reform California
Considered new ideas about engaging men and parents of teens
Taught B’nai Mitzvah students and random kids around temple
Answered email
Weighed church/state separation issues
Read online info about situation in Israel and around the world
Counseled congregants
Edited lesson plans for Mishpacha
Took steps for our Get the Word Out task force
Focused on development projects


All in a day’s work.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Rabbi,

    This week, I worked with insightful piano students to make sense of their assignments.
    Drove my wayward neighbor to town for groceries (1 hr. each way).
    Spoke with another neighbor who just learned I am Jewish in a place with no other Jews.
    Taught a Theatre Arts Class to my Special Needs students (Special Theatre Arts Repertory of Salida).
    Answered email
    Weighed myself reluctantly.
    Read online info about situation in Israel and around the world.
    Counseled those in my therapy group.
    Edited plans for next week's session
    Took steps to shovel myself out of the driveway.
    Focused on development projects for my STARS! class.

    And…asked myself for the 1,000+ time why my husband died of cancer, leaving me here alone.
    No answers yet, but I plan to continue the conversation with G-d as soon as I'm speaking to Him again.

    All in a week's work.

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