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E-Mail Is Easy to Write (and to Misread)

We have been explaining for years that email, a very helpful tool, is very unhelpful for working through areas of conflict. At Or Ami, our staff understands that because of the inability to read emotions into emails, they are never allowed to respond by email to those who express by email their anger, frustration or other serious emotions. Those contacts require a personal phone call where our concern and caring can come through by intonation as well as by words.

At home, we tell our teens, over and over again, not to use email or chats to talk through the “drama of teen years” with their friends. We encourage them to pick up the phone when problems arise.

Journalist Daniel Goleman, in the New York Times, got it right with is article, E-Mail Is Easy to Write (and to Misread) (October 7, 2007). In it, he argues that There are ways in which e-mail may subtly encourage trouble and strained communication.

This article should be required reading for workers, employers, teens… everyone!

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  1. i keep a kavannah for sending email pasted on the side of my computer where i can read it as i click send each time…if you’d like it, i can send it out to you (but of course, as i type this, i’m at home, away from my office computer where the kavannah/prayer is…) i agree, this is a great article.

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