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Educator Michal-Rozenberg Yalovsky Receives Ner Ami Innovator Award

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Congregation Or Ami bestowed its first Ner Ami Innovator award to Educator Michal Rozenberg-Yalovsky for her transformational work creating the new Kesher Learning program. The Ner Ami Innovator award is presented to synagogue and community leaders who shine new light in the areas of Jewish education, ritual and community. Literally “Lamp of My People,” the Ner Ami Innovator award is symbolized by handmade Shabbat candles, and takes its name from the Friday night ritual in which Jews usher in the Sabbath with a pair of nerot or candles.

In presenting the award to Rozenberg-Yalovsky at the synagogue’s Faculty Appreciation service, Rabbi Paul Kipnes explained, “Under Michal’s guidance, we take another bold step forward in the field of Jewish education, creating Kesher to replace the traditional inflexible religious school. Kesher means connection in Hebrew and we hope that this Kesher will further strengthen the connection of our students to Judaism. Kesher offers individualized Hebrew instruction in groups of four to six students, creative Judaica learning with a newly designed curriculum, and multiple class options so that the learning program can fit into most family schedules. This is only the most recent of Michal Rozenberg-Yalovsky’s gifts to the Jewish community in the four years since she came to Congregation Or Ami. As such, we are thrilled to be able to honor her with our Ner Ami Illuminator award.”

Michal Rozenberg-Yalovsky is Principal/Program Director of Congregation Or Ami. Call the synagogue at (818) 880-4880 to speak with Michal. Read the Acorn Newspaper article.

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