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From a Tube of Toothpaste, I Fell in Love Again

Late one night, I discovered a new tube of Crest Toothpaste sitting on the counter next to my sink. It was the sweetest gift I ever got. And I fell in love all over again.

You may ask, “What’s the connection between a $5.68 tube of toothpaste and love?”

It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

The tube couldn’t have just appeared there. My wife must have bought it for me. That means that…

  • She heard me mention (in an aside) that I was out of toothpaste. Proof that she listens to me.
  • She remembered that I said it. This busy woman, who works, has 3 teenagers, and juggles the crazy hours of her rabbi husband, focused and remembered. Proof she thinks about my needs.
  • Even though I am more than capable of picking up my own toothpaste (I do the Monday morning shopping most weeks), she picked up the toothpaste for me. Proof she prioritized my needs.
  • She chose the regular flavor, old style Crest toothpaste tube, exactly what I like. Not all places carry my flavor. Proof she is attentive to my needs and she is willing to go out of her way to fulfill them.
  • I’m pretty sure that buying that toothpaste was really not a big deal for her. We regularly share the errands. No big deal for me to pick up a prescription or dinner; no big deal for her to pick up the dry-cleaning or a package at the post office. Proof then that she cares even if it’s no big deal.

This tube of Crest Regular Flavor Toothpaste was a loving gift from my wife who listens to me, focuses on what I say and remembers, prioritized my needs, goes out of her way to meet my needs and doesn’t make a big deal about it at all.

If that’s not love, I’m not sure I know what love is.

Pirkei Avot 5:19 teaches: Any love which is dependent on something, when the ‘something’ ceases, the love ceases. Any love which is not dependent on anything will never cease.

Yes, my wife loves me. And while I know that, one tube of regular flavor crest toothpaste reminded me yet again.

The sweetest gift I’ve ever gotten!

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