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The Green Rabbinical Student

When two people I admire – one a newly minted rabbi (former intern) and the other an HUC Joint Master’s student/Or Ami intern – both point to the same blog and tell me “I gotta read it,” I gotta read it.

the green rabbinical student is a great blog which looks at the world through Shomray Adamah (protect the earth) lenses. Its opening quote is motivational enough, from a Midrash which has God speaking to Adam: “See my works, how lovely and praiseworthy they are, and all that I created, for your sake I created it. Put your mind [to this], that you don’t ruin or destroy my world, for if you ruin there is no one who will repair after you.”

Check him/it out!

PS. The picture, one of many beautiful shots on his blog, is of “Mud Lake: His favorite place in camp.”

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