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Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh… Writes Rabbi Rick

In his blog, Divrei Derech, my Camp Newman-Swig Faculty buddie Rabbi Rick Winer, posts:

I believe that one of the reasons Camp Newman holds our usual slot for us during the first two weeks of the summer is because Laura and I, and some of our colleagues have served on faculty for many summers and are unfazed by the surprises that occur here in this magical environment.

Many of those surprises are wondrous and beautiful, others present challenges that require calm and experience to properly address.

We arrived at camp as usual, having stopped at Taylor’s Refresher on our way up. We greeted friends we haven’t seen in a year and unloaded the van. Then we headed off to our opening faculty meeting. Everything seemed quite normal until shortly after completing our meeting when we were urgently gathered back together for the latest update.

A couple members of the camp staff tested positive for Influenza A, presumed to be the H1N1, swine flu virus.

I’ve always been pleased and impressed with our camp director, Ruben Arquilevich, the U.R.J. senior staff and the teams we assemble to run our youth programs. They are professional, more than competent and, ultimately, I trust them with the health and safety of my own children.  More.

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