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I’m Overjoyed, Overwhelmed, and at Peace

These days I am feeling overjoyed, overwhelmed and at peace with all that is happening at Congregation Or Ami.

Overjoyed: I love to watch the reactions as people stop by our newly remodeled synagogue. With wide eyes and big smiles, each exclaims in amazement how beautiful our synagogue home looks. [Stop by sometime to see it with your own eyes. And celebrate with us the synagogue rededication on Friday, August 26 at 7:30 pm.]

Overwhelmed: I love to meander around our remodeled home, imagining our new youth lounge filled with teens connecting to each other and Judaism. I relish sitting quietly in the sanctuary, pondering it’s holiness and life’s meaningfulness. I enjoy imagining the many different activities for adults, families, and individuals we now can enjoy simultaneously. In the quiet that still pervades the building, I imagine the cacophony of voices as people eat, pray and love Jewish living.

At Peace: I love visiting our new rabbi Julia Weisz in her office as she and an endless group of congregant adults and teens dream and reimagine our learning programs. A whirlwind of activity, this newly minted rabbi has already transformed the way we will look at learning in our community. The future is very bright indeed.

Join me as we prepare to formally welcome Rabbi Julia into Or Ami.

  1. Save the date – Friday, October 14 – when we will consecrate Julia Weisz as our rabbi, during a family friendly campfire service, and/or 
  2. Participate in giving her a gift, honoring Rabbi Julia’s ordination and welcoming her to the temple. We are gifting her what she wants/needs: a new computer to help organize her creativity. You may donate by contacting Barbara Gordon in our office at 818.880.4880. Or you may donate at www.orami.org/donate.]

Kvell with us about our new home.
Kvell with us about our new rabbi.

But mostly kvell with us because the new year 5772 promises to be one of tradition and innovation, of blessing and goodness.

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