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Insuring Uninsured Children

With the High Holy Days coming, I am doubly concerned about doing the right thing, about taking care of those unable to care for themselves. That’s why I signed onto a clergy letter to our President Bush about insuring uninsured children.

Dear Mr. President:

As faith communities spanning the major American religious traditions, we are dismayed and deeply disappointed that you have threatened to veto legislation designed to improve the health our nation’s children. With children headed back to school and SCHIP set to expire on September 30, people in congregations across the country are asking why the President would go out of his way to block an effort to cover uninsured children.

As a person of faith, you know that we are judged by how we care for the least among us. Our shared faith traditions teach us that children are a precious gift from God. As adults we have a sacred obligation to protect our nation’s young people. That is why an overwhelming number of Americans support strengthening existing federal child health programs to reach all uninsured children. It is also why our states, led by Republican and Democratic Governors alike, are moving aggressively to cover uninsured children. Read more.

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