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Jewish Journal Praises ABC’s The Nine “Shabbat Dinner” Episode

Following our lead, the Jewish Journal’s Shoshana Lewin published an article, Will Shabbat dinner drama hold ‘Nine’ viewers captive?, on the upcoming Shabbat Dinner focused episode of The Nine.

“Rabbi Kates and his wife, Sheryl, recently invited their doctor-son and his girlfriend of two years to Shabbat dinner. Nothing too out of the ordinary there — unless you consider the fact that the couple is not married, although the young woman is pregnant and they broke up during a 52-hour crisis where they were held hostage at a bank. And did we mention the Shabbat dinner took place on a soundstage and the rabbi’s wife is played by JoBeth Williams? You gotta love sweeps month!”

Since I introduced the author to the episode, she quoted me, writing:

Yes, Jeremy is a flawed character (he sleeps with Franny after the funeral), but it is a TV show and, as Rabbi Paul Kipnes, of Reform Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas, said, “Everybody has tsuris, otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting. [Jeremy] is an accomplished Jewish doctor, bright, handsome, outgoing, confident — and profoundly human.”

Kipnes, a big fan of the show, said the Kates’ portrayal of a Jewish family “was refreshing. [In the previews,] I saw something about Shabbat and thought, ‘This was good.’ [Jeremy] has lunch with his mom, who is not neurotic and doesn’t shriek, shout ‘oy gevalt’ or pressure him,” Kipnes continued. “She speaks to him out of love. His father starts to pressure him a little bit during Shabbat dinner, but then he just stops and listens … this is not Woody Allen.”

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