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The Joy of Hanging with “My Kids”

There is something special about hanging at camp with “my kids,” the children of Or Ami congregants. Sure, Michelle and I have three our own (biological) children. Yet, each summer that number jumps as we chaperon a delegation of campers from Congregation Or Ami to the URJ Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, CA.

Most of the 18 campers this year come during the first sessions, because their parents find comfort knowing that their child will be watched over by their Rabbi (me) and by my wife (“Camp Mom”) Michelle November. We love checking in with the campers at meals, celebrating Shabbat with them, playing frisbee or doing art together.

Often, as we are walking down the path, dodging hordes of campers, we find ourselves suddenly wrapped in a hug given by one of the congregant kids. Then just as suddenly, smile shared, we part and go on our separate ways.

A moment of holiness.

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