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Kosher Can Mean Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly Too

And the Ethical Kosher discussions keep coming! (Read my previous post on Ethical Kashrut or the Chicago Sun Times article.) A colleague, talking with a major health foods provider, is involved in a new organization that addresses issues of ethical kashrut.

One World Kosher
it is called. I’m not endorsing anyone, but this is fascinating. Being marked as Kosher should transcend the ingredients contained therein or the way the animal is slaughtered. It should reflect that the products and their production are done in ethical, socially responsible, environmentally compassionate, thoughtful ways. Here’s another attempt to move in that direction. One World Kosher’s website explains:

One World Kosher certifies products that meet the highest levels of kashrut and environmentally friendly and socially responsible production.One World Kosher supports consumers concerned with healing our world by ensuring a viable and sustainable future for ourselves and our children.One World Kosher recognizes that people seek certified kosher food for many reasons including religious beliefs and an assurance of third party supervised production. Though kashrut is based in Jewish teaching, we believe that the value of keeping kosher extends beyond religious labels and truly has the power to unite all peoples of the world. We also affirm that the true meaning of kashrut transcends the ingredients that go into our food and the manner in which animals are slaughtered. This higher level of kashrut demands that we look at how food is grown and how workers are treated, thus bringing true sanctity to our tables, our homes and our lives.One World Kosher certified products are:

  • Dairy or Pareve;
  • Produced in ways that respect and protect our environment;
  • Produced by companies that see their human resources as “human”
  • first and “resources” second.

But does it taste good?

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