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MY Best Day, Hanging with Dan Nichols

My son Noah, 9th grader at New Community Jewish High School and avid NFTYite and Camp Newman alum, is guest blogging about his day with Dan Nichols:

Wow, what a day.
I started off doing homework so I cold devote my day to hanging with [Jewish singer] Dan Nichols. 

My mom and I picked Dan up at LAX and drove him over to visit Craig Taubman at his home. It was a gathering of singer-songwriters. It was awesome. We met one musician, Billy Jonas, who along with Craig, were two of Dan’s inspirations.

Then back home where I set up Dan on my mom’s MacBook so he could get his beloved aisle seat on the plane flying home. 

We hung, schmoozed and snacked. 

Then off to Congregation Or Ami where Dan played an amazing concert. 120 of us gathered to sing along with old hits and new ones. LoMPTYites and other NFTYites joined parents and HUC students. What a concert. 

The night ended with an awesome havdala led by Dan, guest songleader Adam Gould, and various members of LoMPTY and the NFTY SoCal board. It was a great night!

Did you attend the Dan Nichols concert? What did you like best?

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