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Olympics 2008: Hiding the Scourage of Genocide

Sure, we are all looking forward to the Summer Olympics to revel in the amazing abilities of athletes from around the world. However, it is just so disappointing and so tragic that once again the Olympics serve as a propaganda tool that hides the hosts connection to genocide.

The 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany provided Hitler with worldwide attention. “For two weeks in August 1936, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship camouflaged its racist, militaristic character while hosting the 1936 Summer Olympics. Minimizing its antisemitic agenda and plans for territorial expansion, the regime exploited the Games to impress many foreign spectators and journalists with an image of a peaceful, tolerant Germany.”

China may not be Nazi Germany, but it is certainly supporting, protecting and economically bankrolling the genocidal Sudanese government that is perpetrating genocide upon its Darfuran citizens. And these Olympics provide China with the international prestige which allows it to paper over this travesty.

Lo Ta’amod – Let us not stand idly by (again)…

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