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Omer Day 20: Making it Through Transitions

Today is day 20 of the Omer, that’s 2 weeks and 6 days into the journey from Egypt to Sinai, from the moment we left the dark places to the time we received the instruction (Torah) which gave us direction.

I imagine what it was like to be an Israelite during that journey. Clear that I was leaving an unhealthy place, I lacked a clear picture of where I – where we – needed to go. It would have been a period of intense uncertainty; the anxiety threatened to overwhelm.

I imagine what it is like today to be an Israelite (a Jew, a member of a Jewish family, you), trudging slowly forward on an uncertain journey. Is your wilderness trek taking you:

  • Away from a dead end job?
  • An unexpected layoff?
  • On a search for financial security?
  • Out of a home that hurts you?
  • A relationship that drains you?
  • On a quest to renew love and warmth?
  • Toward recovery from addiction?
  • Release from pain?
  • On a hunt for hope and healing?

In times like these, our prayers are many. One of my favorite modern liturgists, Alden Solovy brings together so many of our jumbled emotions and needs in his prayer Transitions:

G-d of sacred moments,
G-d of endings and beginnings,
Hear this prayer for guidance and deliverance
As my life moves in new directions,
Onto new paths,
Into uncertain water. 

Grant me courage as an answer to fear,
As the winds blow,
Strength as an answer to doubt,
As the storms gather,
And wisdom as an answer to uncertainty. 

Grant me grace in the face of obstacles,
As fires rage,
Patience in the face of detours,
As the earth trembles,
And trust in the face of the unknown. 

Grant me joy in my successes,
As the sun warms the land,
Humor in my defeats,
As the cactus opens a flower,
And acceptance throughout my days. 

Grant me faith in Your guidance,
As songs lift my heart,
Gratitude for Your works,
As love lifts my life,
And joy in Your gifts. 

G-d of Old,
Rock and Shelter,
My time is a blink,
My journey a puff of wind,
My life fragile and fleeting. 

G-d of Secrets,
Grant me delight,
Luminous, majestic delight,
In using these blessings
In service to Your Holy Name.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and www.tobendlight.com. All rights reserved.

Question: Where are you in your transition? What do you need to pass from here to there?

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