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Spiritual Practice

I'm finishing up a four day Hevraya (alumni) spirituality retreat for
rabbis and cantors sponsored by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.
Four days to engage into Jewish spiritual practices – meditation,
yoga, text study, prayer, silence and collegiality. To reengage the
waning practices to return to mindful Jewish Living.I feel back on track. I feel like I have regained parts of my self
(soul?) that I have misplaced in the hustle and bustle of life/work/
family/etc.I came with a recognition of certain constructions in my being that I
wanted to address. I came seeking soulful reengagement with the Holy
One, with myself. I had a peticha, an opening.It was like rebooting a disconnected laptop to find it can once again
connect to the Internet. Uplifting. Reaffirming. Reenergizing.Now all I need to do is remain mindful and connected. Easier said than
done. But since the first step is setting the intention, I feel like I
am on the right track.

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