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Rapture: Some Ridicule and A Jewish Response (Thanks to Ty Templeton)

I was enchanted with the Rapture that didn’t happen on May 21st. My Rapture tweets have made me giggle at myself. While we Jews have had a whole host of off-the-wall messianic pretenders, except for the ridiculous notion that the former Lubavitcher Chabad Rebbe Schneerson is the messiah, it has been a while since we Jews have faced a false messiah.

Thus, I am thrilled that the Rapture dude announced that there is still hope (and opportunity for theological ridicule).  You see, he said that the invisible (or spiritual) Rapture already happened, but we will enjoy physical Rapture or destruction on October 21, 2011.  How do Jews respond?  Check out Ty Templeton’s take