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Leaving on a Jet Plane: Traveler’s Prayer

The Traveler’s Prayer – Tefilat HaDerech – is recited at the beginning of a journey, according to the Talmud. In the prayer, the traveler asks for a safe trip.

Here is a translitered version of the Traveler’s Prayer (from The Transliterated Siddur):

Ye-hi ra-tson mi-l’fa-ne-cha,
A-do-nai e-lo-hei-nu vei-lo-hei a-vo-tei-nu,
she-to-li-chei-nu l’sha-lom,
v’ta-tsi-dei-nu l’sha-lom,
v’tad-ri-chei-nu l’sha-lom,
v’ta-gi-ei-nu lim-choz chef-tsei-nu,
l’cha-yim ul-sim-chah ul-sha-lom.
V’ta-tsi-lei-nu mi-kaf kawl o-yeiv,
v’o-reiv v’lis-tim v’cha-yot ra-ot ba-de-rech,
u-mi-kawl mi-nei fur -a-ni-yot,
ha-mit-ra-g’shot la-vo la-o-lam.
V’tish-lach b’ra-chah b’chawl ma-a-sei ya-dei-nu,
v’ti-t’nei-nu l’chein ul-che-sed ul-ra-cha-mim b’ei-ne-cha,
uv-ei-nei chawl ro-ei-nu.
V’tish-ma kol ta-cha-nu-nei-nu,
ki Eil sho-mei-a t’fi-lah v’ta-cha-nun a-tah.
Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai, sho-mei-a t’fi-lah.

Here is a translation (from Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery):

“May it be Your will, Eternal, My God and God of my ancestors, to lead me, to direct my steps, and to support me in peace. Lead me in life, tranquil and serene, until I arrive at where I am going. Deliver me from every enemy, ambush and hurt that I might encounter on the way, and from all afflictions that visit and trouble the world. Bless the work of my hands. Let me receive divine grace and those loving acts of kindness and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all those I encounter. Listen to the voice of my appeal, for you are a God who responds to prayerful supplication. Praised are you, Eternal, who responds to prayer.”

Adapted from About.com Judaism

Mindless Drivel in the Airport

Sitting in the airport, waiting for my red-eye, I’m amazed by how easily zoned out I can become in the midst of the cacophony of this bustling airport. Like any modern, wired up traveler, I’m sitting here, plugged into the Samsung Mobile charging station, with my computer, Verizon MiFi broadband, and my iPhone.  I’m perusing my email (too tired to think straight, can’t really respond coherently to anything). I’m playing Tetris Marathon, a new addiction thanks to child #3. I’m reading blogs and writing my own.

Sad thing is, with a zoned out brain, I really have nothing to say. No wise words. No pithy comparisons between my current state and the Jewish spirituality.

Suddenly, its quiet.  We are 40 minutes away from departure time, a hush settles over the main room.  There’s an iPad here, a iTouch there.  She’s reading a book, he’s texting on his phone.  Everyone is just waiting to get boarded up to take off.

I’ve never been one for mindless drivel on my blog, but hey, its way past my bedtime.

So if this feels like nonsense, please feel free not to read it.

Oops, we are about to board. Here’s T’fillat HaDerech, the traveler’s prayer, with my emendations in italics:

Tefilat Haderech – The Traveler’s Prayer

Ye-hi ratson mil’fa-ne-cha Adonai elo-hei-nu vei-lo-hei avo-teinu sheh-toli-cheinu l’shalom v’ta-tzi-deinu l’shalom v’tad-ri-cheinu l’shalom v’ta-gi-einu lim-choz chef-tseinu l’chayim ul-simcha ul-shalom. V’ta-tsi-leinu mikaf kol oyeiv v’oreiv v’listim v’cha-yot ra-ot ba-derech u-mikol mi-nei fur-a-niyot ha-mit-ragshot lavo la-olam. V’tish-lach b’racha b’chol ma-asei ya-deinu v’tit-neinu l’chein ul-chesed ul-racha-mim be’ei-necha uv-einei chol ro-einu, v’tishma kol tacha-nu-neinu. Ki Eil sho-mei-a t’fi-lah v’ta-cha-nun a-tah. Ba-ruch a-tah Adonai sho-mei-a t’fi-lah.

May it be Your will, Eternal One, our God and the God of our ancestors, that You lead us toward peace, emplace our footsteps towards peace, guide us toward peace, and make us reach our desired destination for life, gladness, and peace. May You rescue us from the hand of every foe, ambush, bandits and wild animals along the way, and from all manner of punishments that assemble to come to Earth. May You send blessing in our every handiwork, and grant us peace, kindness, and mercy in your eyes and in the eyes of all who see us. May You hear the sound of our supplication, because You are the God who hears prayer and supplications. Blessed are You, Eternal One, who hears our prayer.