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Thanksgiving Vision: Spiritual Lessons Learned during LASIK Surgery

A few days before Thanksgiving, almost 35 years to the day that the world first went blurry for me, I decided to get LASIK surgery. The steady hand of master ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Davidorf of the Davidorf Eye Group in West Hills performed LASIK surgery on my eyes, and in the process gave me something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It was truly a spiritual experience. The hours before the procedure passed by in a blur. No need for worry: the dangers of LASIK appear to be miniscule and Dr. J (as Jonathan Davidorf is known), who literally wrote a book on LASIK, has performed thousands upon thousands of these procedures. Still, there is beauty in this world that one should stop to behold. So before shuffling my children off to school, I examined the faces of each of them, pausing to draw a detailed mental picture (freckles and all) of their features. Later I stood silently outside, sweeping my eyes 360 degrees around, taking in the rainbow of colors that make up the fall foliage. Wow, how could I not notice the multiple hues of reds and greens, yellows and gold, peach and pink? Then, precisely at 3:00 pm, after kissing my wife, I walked forth into the Doctor’s office, glancing back one more time just to see her smiling face framed by flaming red hair that I love so… The procedure ended quickly as I expected. I tried out my shapely new eyes by reading successful the clock halfway across the room. At this point I wondered, now that Doctor Davidorf, so patient and calming, finished doing God’s work to open the eyes of the blind, will I merely see better? Or will this make me more appreciative of my life and the world around me?I wrote Thanksgiving Vision: Spiritual Lessons Learned during LASIK Surgery about my spiritual experience of LASIK surgery.

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