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To Be a Jew: What It Means

To be a Jew is to be intrinsically aware of what happens in the world, and to remain focused even as the bright shiny objects (eg. the news story of the hour) float past. 
To be a Jew is to remain focused on significant life and life-threatening issues, even when they fail to attract the world’s attention. 
To be a Jew is to be an upstander, one who steps up to say Henayni – here I am – when the world would rather return to its slumber. 
These days the Jew remains vigilant. In addition to very significant (often overwhelming) concerns about the financial state of our country and the world, we Jews still endeavor to keep the attention of the world focused on two overarching threats:
Nuclear Iran: The prospect of a nuclear Iran should send shivers up our spines. As Americans – as much as being Jews – we recognize the threat a nuclear Iran would be in terms of strategic, democratic, economic, and human/women rights issues. So please…

Ending Genocide: The continued use of genocide as a tool of power and control should cause each of us – Jews especially – to stand up and act. We, who lost a third of our people in the Holocaust and whose mantra is “Never Again!”, know that actions speak louder than words. Congregation Or Ami joins hundreds of other individuals, synagogues and organizations for the Walk to End Genocide, this Sunday, May 20th. Let your voice be heard in one of three ways: 
  • Sign up to walk with Team Congregation Or Ami
  • Donate $5-$75 as a virtual walker on the walk. You may sponsor our team by clicking here
  • Do both – walk and donate. 

Our Torah teaches, Lo ta’amod al dam rei-acha – do not stand idly by. By remaining aware and vigilant, by showing up to make our voice heard, we Jews and Jewish families help bring safety and security to our people Israel, to our country America, and to the world.  

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