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What Do You Get When You Put 150 Rabbis Together in a Room?

What happens when you bring together 150 Reform Jewish rabbis under
one roof? Study, collegiality, strategizing, pedagogy, thinking about
synagogue life and Jewish community, best practices sharing and more.Specifically:
– a discussion about the narratives behind the Mishnah (Jewish legal
compilation) or how do real life concerns inform the Jewish legal
discussions – with HUC's Director of the Rabbinical program Dvora
– camp committee meeting painting pictures/visions for camp for the
next 25 years.
– struggling with issues related to the interaction between church/
religion and state – with the leadership I'd Mark Pelavin, associate
director of our Religious Action Center.
– exploration of what Judaism and the Jewish community will look like
25 year from now and how we will address our concerns – with CCAR
Executive Vice President Steve Fox
– catching up with colleagues, sharing challenges, gaining suggestions
and solutionsThere is little that is more comforting professionally as a rabbi then
to take time away to retreat, reflect and thus rejuvenate with other
rabbis. Though we are only here at the PARR – Pacific Area Reform
Rabbis – convention for another 12 hours, it has been fabulous!

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