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What Does a Jew Pray on the Secular New Year?

A Jew, living in America, with eyes on two calendars – one Jewish, one secular – marks nonetheless the turning of the secular New Year.  With hope for continued freedom and the blessing of a better tomorrow, we might take a moment during our day to say:

Eternal God, we give thanks
For the gifts of life, wonder beyond words;
For the awareness of soul, our light within;
For the world around us, so filled with beauty;
For the richness of the earth, which day by day sustains us;
For all these and more we offer thanks.
Baruch Atah Adonai, hatov shimcha ul’cha na-eh l’hodot.
Blessed are You, Eternal, Your Name is goodness,
and to You we offer thanksgiving.
(by Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams)

Or we might recite:

For the good in us, which calls us to a better life,
  We give thanks.
For the strength to improve the world with our hearts and our hand,
  We offer praise.
For the desire in us which leads us to work for peace,
  We are grateful.
For life and nature, harmony and beauty, for the hope of tomorrow,
  All praise to the Source of Being.
(Adapted from Chaim Stern and Abraham Rothberg, Gates of Prayer, 1975 p. 271)

Happy New Year All!

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