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Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Rabbi Kipnes’ new book — co-authored with his wife, Michelle November, MSSW — is available now.

How do we guide children to be spiritually balanced, emotionally whole, Jewishly connected individuals?

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Rabbi Paul Kipnes

. Spiritual leader of Congregation Or Ami. paulkipnes paul kipnes

Latest Blog Posts

Synagogue Dues are Dead: What’s the Price Point at Which Quitting the Temple is Impossible?

March 7, 2021

Synagogue Dues are Dead, so what’s the price point at which quitting the temple becomes unnecessary or nearly impossible? How Congregation Or Ami transformed our funding model. Read more

After 11 deaths in 11 days, I Had it Out with God

February 4, 2021

After 11 deaths in 11 days, I had it out with God. I realized with over 419,000 dead in American fromCovid-19 decimating, it was time for that conversation with the Creator. Read more

Drive Thru Judaism: An Antidote to Quarantined Community

October 27, 2020

Drive Thru Judaism, a series of poignant experiences that, kept people safely in their cars, while providing poignant Jewish experiences uplifted our quarantined congregation, banishing loneliness and bringing spiritual sustenance to a community in quarantine. Read more

3 Previously Banned Behaviors to Embrace these Home High Holy Days

September 21, 2020

The new normal of distanced coronavirus kehilla tefillah (communal prayer) offers new ways to enhance your Home High Holy Days. Consider these 3 previously banned behaviors to warm up your worship. They just might enhance your experience. Just please think twice before sharing them with your clergy. They might not… Read more

A Psalm for Cities on Fire

May 31, 2020

A Psalm for our cities on fire, after the killing of George Floyd Read more

Testing Our Synagogue’s Vision During Quarantine: Disruptive Judaism 2

May 7, 2020

When confronted with the first of many “shelter at home” quarantine orders, many houses of worship struggled with a perplexing dilemma: Who are we if we couldn’t be together? The story of one synagogue’s journey to answer that question illustrates the power of perspective and the potential of pushing through… Read more

Letter to Your Future Self: Hold onto those Silver Linings

April 19, 2020

Write a letter or a make a video to your future self who will exist five or six months from now. Remind yourself about the silver linings you want to continue to embrace. Maybe, just maybe, you will listen to yourself. Read more

Make It Count, COVID-19 Style (it’s the Omer after all)

April 12, 2020

It’s time Jews begin counting. Start to count to correct your life. By counting, we just might convince ourselves that once we are able to leave our homes, we might want to hold onto some of these wholesome new behaviors to enhance our lives and deepen our love of living. Read more

COVID-Kavod CONNECTION: Healing the Social Isolation of a Viral Death

April 10, 2020

COVID-19 could kill us, but it shouldn’t also bring shame upon us or our infected loved ones. And it won’t. Unless we play into the growing stigma that is at once immoral and dangerous to our mental health. If we play into that stigma, then COVID-19 will do both: shame… Read more