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10 Lessons I Learned from My Mom, Linda Kipnes

Happy Mom’s Day! (Those are three of the most inspiring women – My Mom, My Wife, My Sister-in-law.)

Having finished cooking breakfast, giving my wife a heart-felt mushy Mother’s Day card, taking a nap (I woke up so early, I slid out of bed so as not to wake her), and cleaning the kitchen (imperfectly, I’d probably get just an 85%),  I turn from my wife-the mother to my mother-the mom (I sent my mother a Mother’s Day card earlier this week).

Top Ten Lessons I Learned from My Mom

  1. If you can organize and delegate, you often get a big hand in setting the vision and molding the organization.
  2. Motivating others is the key to leadership. 
  3. A strong woman makes a wonderful, reliable partner, wife and mother. Thus I married another strong woman.
  4. Women should be rabbis and presidents and business owners and leaders of all kinds.  Why? Because they are capable. How do I know? Because my mom could be any of those and more.  
  5. My ability to communicate through my writing is one of my strongest gifts. My mom taught me that, and so that makes her the mother of my blogging too!
  6. Good ideas are better when articulated well.  Over the years Mom was one of my best editors. 
  7. A simple way of talking is often more easily understood than a fancy vocabulary.  Mom taught me that when as a teenager, I was fretting that I didn’t know or use enough big words. 
  8. Parenting is an imperfect craft. Kids don’t come with instruction manuals, so sometimes you gotta go with your gut. 
  9. When things get overwhelming, no one offers a loving, non-judgmental ear like a mom.  Even today, I can call her up, just to unload, and by mutual consent, she promises not to carry the worry beyond the call.
  10. Unconditional love feels amazing. I got it from my mom.  I found it from my wife. I try to share it with my family, immediate and extended.

Over the years, my mom taught me important lessons about love, forgiveness, dignity and integrity, hope and sadness, organizing, leadership, group dynamics, family and more.  My mom, Linda Kipnes, is the best mom of all!  She’s also very active: once learning to ride a motorcycle, and above right, riding in the front of Disneyland’s Space Mountain rollercoaster.

Mom, I know you will read this eventually since you subscribe to my blog! So Happy Mother’s Day!

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