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12 Refreshing Moments from a Palm Springs Rabbi Conference

Four days spent with 212 reform rabbis at our annual regional rabbinic conference PARR in Palm Springs. Refreshing! Why?

1. Sharing joys of being a rabbi.
2. Supporting each other through the challenged.
3. Considering what a value-based progressive Jewish hermeneutic for Torah might look like.
4. Discover a new Shabbat service ritual for celebrating joyous moments (to be done just before or after the Mi Shebeirach for the ill).
5. Visiting the Palm Springs art museum and exploring the dotted line between illusion and reality.
6. Discussing marriage between Jews and non-Jews, and imagining how what guidelines and requirements might make us more comfortable with the prospect of officiating.
7. Taking new technology out for a spin, and dreaming about how Facebook, Skype and other media might help deepen Jewish community.
8. Hearing from the Consul of Israel.
9. Learning with Michael Marmur, Provost and scholar from HUC-JIR in Jerusalem, about how we might create communal commitment in individual-focus world.
10. Thinking big with our Rabbinic Intern/Educator (and Or Ami’s future rabbi) Julia Weisz about Or Ami’s future.
11. Eating delicious desserts, including two ice cream bars (I partook only once).
12. Consulting with other congregations about our successes with Mishpacha and hearing about leading edge educational endeavors.

A big thank you to our congregation and our staff for making it possible for me to be away to rethink and refresh.

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