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#6: Candle of Fulfillment (Or Review Your Chanukah “To Do” List)

Chanukah Candle #6. Sheish(Hebrew), sittä (Iraqi Arabic), settä (Moroccan Arabic), genep (Sudanese), six. Happy Sixth Night of Chanukah.

Blog Thots: As the Festival of Chanukah moves toward its eighth day culmination, it behooves us to take a moment to double check that we have fulfilled all of the mitzvot and customs of this Festival of Lights. Living in a culture marked by the commercialization of the “holiday season” and its simplification of all holidays into “it’s all about good will to all and giving presents”, we want to be doubly sure that we have created for ourselves and our loved ones a meaningfully Jewish festival.

So review your Chanukah “to do” list. Ask yourself if you have fulfilled your Jewish responsibility. This Chanukah, did we:

  • Tell: Told the Chanukah story at least twice (if not, click here)
  • Sing: Sang Chanukah songs at least three nights (if not, click here)
  • Bless: Blessed the each night (click here)
  • Light: Lit the Chanukah candles each night (click here)
  • Be Thankful: That your list doesn’t include “clean the garage” like mine does!
  • Play: Played Driedel at least once (if not, get rules here or play virtual dreidel here)
  • Learn: Learned something new about our Festival of Lights (if not, click here or here)
  • Give: Given tzedakah (donation) to a charitable organization or cause (at least one night instead of presents) (Perhaps choose one of these)
  • Eat: Eaten potato latkes or sufganiot (if health and dietary restrictions allow for it)
  • Diet?: Why is all this Jewish holiday food so fattening? (New ideas for healthy-er Hanukkah latkes and Ima on and off the Bima’s Baked Sufganiot/doughnuts).
  • Honor: Honored parent(s) if alive by dedicating at least one night to giving them presents and/or by calling them and telling them you love them (What does Torah mean by honoring parents? Click here)
  • Contemplate: Contemplated the meaning of the candles? Of Religious Freedom?
  • Remember: Remembered (and shared with others) memories of Chanukah celebrations as a child or from previous years (view Or Ami’s memory pictures here and here).
  • Thank: Offered thanks for the blessings you most appreciate in your life
  • Comment: Shared a comment on Rabbi Kipnes’ 8 Blogs for 8 Nights (of Chanukah). For each comment left on the blog, Rabbi Kipnes will donate tzedakah to a worthy cause (see below).

If you missed any of these mitzvah and kodesh (holiness) opportunities, dedicate yourself to doing so tonight or in the next two nights.

Or, if in Southern California, come to
Congregation Or Ami’s
Multigenerational Chanukah Celebration tonight
(Friday, December 26, 2008) at 6:30 pm.
Come early; it will be standing room only!

Blog Tzedakah: Running total of Blog Comment Tzedakah: $153.00
The five of you who left comments yesterday ensured that collectively, we donated $15 of my money the Madraygot (12 Step) Addiction Prevention fund, which offers drug and alcohol addiction prevention education and counseling for grades 4 through 12, creates tools for parents through an online resource, and develops Jewish 12 Step support groups. Learn more about its activities here. Today’s Tzedakah: Leave a comment today (below) on this blog to shine the light. For every comment made today, I’ll make a tzedakah donation to help foster kids seeking a brighter future. Learn more about its activities here. To donate yourself, click here.

Chag Chanukah Samayach – Happy Chanukah!


  1. Marcy C. says:

    Actually, cleaning the garage is on our list too! That’s all I have to respond with today – I’m going to call my mom to tell her I love her!
    Thanks Rabbi!

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