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A Blessing for Journeys by Rabbi Sheryl Lewart (z״l)

A blessing by Rabbi Sheryl Lewart (z״l):


May you be blessed on your journey,
Finding comfort and refuge as you travel.

As you step into the strange
And become a stranger,
May each traveler, wanderer, and seeker you meet
Offer wisdom and empathy.

As you step into the unknown journey of your life,
May you be protected from all harm.

May you learn and grow from encounters
With gentle teachers and sympathetic guides.

May you hold onto the awareness that
You have the courage to walk away from difficult situations.
You will move towards compassion and clarity,
Awareness, and appreciation.

You will find answers and more questions.
May you find what you seek.


Rabbi Sheryl Lewart, Blessings for Life’s Journey: Transformative Meditations and Readings (30-31)
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Part of my Omer counting learning with The Jewish Mindfulness Network

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