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Blessings of Healing for Debbie Friedman

At Congregation Or Ami, we devoted our Shabbat services’ d’var refu’ah (words about healing) to asking for blessings of healing for Debbie Friedman.  View the d’var refu’ah.  

Debbie Friedman – nationally known Jewish composer, singer, and inspiration of the Jewish healing movement – composed and sings so many of the songs that enlivened Jewish worship worldwide: Thou Shalt Love the Lord Thy God, Lechi Lach, Mi Shebeirach, and a beautiful arrangement of Ahavat Olam.  

Debbie is now in need of prayers of healing for herself.  The singer, who at her concerts asked us to accept blessings of healing before singing along with her, lies in a hospital bed in Orange County.  Her condition is grave. The latest news (from Friday):

Debbie remains in the hospital, sedated and breathing with the aid of a respirator. Debbie’s sister Sheryl reports that the doctors’ measures have not yet succeeded in opening up her lungs. They are rotating her bed in different ways in the hope that that may shake loose some of the material blocking her breathing.

We join with Jewish communities all around the world, praying for healing for Debbie, her family and her community. 

View Or Ami’s healing prayers

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