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Counting 100 Blessings

As we sat around the Thanksgiving Dinner Table, taking stock of our blessings, sharing sadness at those who were not with us (either because they were at other Thanksgiving Tables or they had passed on from this life), many of us took comfort in these lean times with a bountiful meal. Our ancient rabbis teach us that we should count 100 blessings per day. For some the rabbis offered the standardized “Baruch Ata Adonai” formula. For others, they just expect us to open our eyes, get out of our heads, and open our hearts to the beauty on even the darkest of days. Was this just their way of pushing people to pray more? Or did they recognize an antidote to depression, coveting and anxiety? I am interested in how you count your blessings. I am interested too in the family Thanksgiving rituals you enjoy which help you take stock of your blessings. Please scroll down to the comments box below to be part of the conversation. Don’t forget to give your name (only if you are comfortable).


  1. Anonymous says:

    At Chuck & Robyn's Thanksgiving get together, we each in turn must give thanks as we wish. I was and am thankful for all my famikly, for Chuck and robyn doing Thanksgiving so I didn't have to- for my health which was confirmed at a yearly check up on Wednesday. and for the opportunity to enjoy good food and lovely people.
    Linda Kipnes

  2. Marla says:

    Marla Greenman: I too am grateful that my Mother, even at 74 refuses to allow any of us (adult) kids to make Thanksgiving. Luckily she has the means to do it for a large family (up to 7 kids with their spouses and children) without TOO much difficulty. I am grateful for the health I recently had a reminder that I am lucky to have almost always, for a great job–the best work I've had in years, for healthy kids, healthy enough that they too were working for Thanksgiving (even though I didn't share this appreciation with them), and for a large, loving family and lots of happy, healthy nieces and nephews.

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