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Dancing to Jack with the Kids

We brought our older to kids to see Jack Johnson in concert at UCLA. The first concert for both.

We all love Johnson’s music. We listen to him at home, in the car, everywhere. But as wonderful as it was to hear him play live, the best part – hands down – was being with our two children, dancing with them (we set the “no embarrassing dancing” rule ahead of time: no dancing unless you are at least 40 years old).

Surprisingly, many many kids – teens, younger and college – were there with their parents. Kind of cool.

We were also impressed with his commitment to Tikun Olam, fixing the world. At the center of the field was a tent city of volunteer organizations. Each was explaining their mission, signing up new members, inviting volunteers. If you filled out a passport, having visited 3 booths, you were entered into a drawing for front row seats. Music, family and Social justice! A great evening

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