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Ethical Kosher: A Kashrut We All Could (Should!) Follow

You would think that if an item is designated as “kosher” all aspects of its production would be “kosher” [read: ethical, moral, environmentally friendly]. You would expect that from the way it is prepared to the treatment of the workers who made it to the way the company treats the environment, all aspects would be kosher. Not so.

Along comes the Conservative Jewish movement with an innovative solution:

According to JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency):

The Conservative movement released a policy statement and guidelines for its much-anticipated ethical kashrut certification, outlining the social justice standards companies are expected to meet if their foodstuffs are to qualify for the designation.

According to the document released Thursday, products will be evaluated in five main areas — employees’ wages and benefits, employee health and safety, product development, corporate transparency and environmental impact — and assessed in part on the basis of information from third-party sources. Read more.

Bravo to the Conservative Movement. Now that’s a kind of kashrut we all could follow!

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