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Fascinating Presentations; Great Friends

In the midst of a scintillating presentation by the UN ambassador, five of my rabbinic friends came by and ambushed me. Torn between listening to the speaker and talking with my friends, I took a moment to capture the moment and then went back to listening.

With me, from left to right, are Rabbis Elaine Zecher (Boston), Paul Cohen (Chicago), Joe Black (Albuquerque), Rosie Haim (Cleveland) and David Lyon (Houston). Elaine and I worked at Kutz Camp and the CCAR convention program committee for years; we also engage in “phone text” each spring, studying the Sefirah texts from our RAbbinical School. Michelle and I started dating right after Elaine’s birthday party years ago; Elaine officiated at our wedding. Rosie and I were in Israel together between High School and College. Joe Black’s music has gotten me through many a writer’s block. Paul and David are newer friends.

I shared breakfast with a colleague with whom I collaborated on a project, but who – because of long distance communications – never actually met. We shared pictures of the kids, spoke about our great jobs, and caught up on new times.

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