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He Died, He Mourned, A Community Reached Out

It warms my heart whenever a community reaches out as we hope it would. We received this from a congregant, following the burial of his 91 year old father:

Dear Friends at Congregation Or Ami,

My father of almost 91 years old passed away on Monday, November 29th. I cannot tell you how special it was to get emails and calls from members of the Temple. Some of these members I can honestly say that I did not know too well. The warmth and the sincerity was overwhelming. I put a call in to Rabbi Paul Kipnes the same day and got a return call immediately. After making plans with the mortuary all was confirmed and Rabbi Paul did an excellent job officiating the service on Wednesday, December 1.

The Rabbi admitted to me which was honest that unfortunately he learned more about my dad after he passed away as he really never got the chance to know him. At the service he said the same thing but when he was speaking everyone realized that he was a quick learner.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their words of support and our family is so glad to say that we are members of Congregation Or Ami.

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