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Heart Soaring and Head Spinning. The Biennial Closes

The Biennial wrapping up. My head is spinning even as my heart is soaring. Heart soaring because, with my family and dear members of our Or Ami congregational family, we experienced two very moving Shabbat services filled with uplifting Shabbat music and inspiring leadership. Heart soaring because of the incredible music of Doug Cotler, Julie Silver, Joe Black, Josh Nelson, and others (ask me about the Gospel Shabbat by a black Jewish group).

My head is spinning because being at this extended weekend convention was like walking along a never-ending shmorgasbord of synagogue/Jewish/community/ritual/social justice/educational/Shabbat/youth side dishes. Each is a meal of opportunities to deepen personal Jewish spirituality and meaningful synagogue life. How do we digest this, prioritize the ideas and initiatives and move forward? (I am guessing that the Biennial delegates with gather this week to consider and prioritize our ideas.)

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the URJ, spoke Shabbat morning about the need for deeper Shabbat celebration, about a State by State Health Care initiative, and about creating a new Muslim-Jewish dialogue between moderate Jews and moderate Muslims. You can read Rabbi Yoffie’s sermon here.

So much learned, so much to do, so glad to be part of a Congregation Or Ami which is part of this larger, morally-focused, creative movement called the Union for Reform Judaism!

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