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I’m Going BALD … for Kids with Cancer

I have so much hair… It may not look like much, what with my crown peaking through. But I’m really okay with my unadorned cranium.

Because, compared with kids with cancer, I’m really one hairy dude.

So when I was asked to put my few follicles on the line to raise awareness and funds to combat childhood cancer, I jumped at the chance to test my supposed lack of vanity.

On Tuesday, April 1st – one week from today – in the midst of a Rabbinical convention, I will be shaving my head, along with 36+ other rabbis. 36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave.

I agreed to do this shave for Superman Sam, a sweet and funny 7 year old who contracted refractory acute myeloid leukemia. The son of a pair of rabbi friends, Sam got a bone marrow transplant, was doing really well. My friends, dearly connected to Sam’s parents, organized this event to … just be able to do something more.

And then, something horrible happened. The leukemia came back. And over their blog, Sam’s parents shared the story of how they had to tell their son, a sweet wonderful 8 year old, that he was going to die. Sam died on December 14, 2013 at 12:33 am. His mother wrote “”He died peacefully and calmly and quietly at 12:33 a.m.,” she wrote on her blog. “He was not in fear or in pain. And for that I am eternally grateful.”

We missed the deadline to find a cure for Sam and his family. And we are missing the deadline for too many other kids too.

More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. than any other disease—in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined.

Before they turn 20, about 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 girls will have cancer.

Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 3 minutes. In the 1950s, almost all kids diagnosed with cancer died. Because of research, today about 85% of kids with the most common type of cancer will live. But for many other types, progress has been limited, and for some kids there is still little hope for a cure. You can learn more at St. Baldrick’s, a non-profit that organizes shaves to raise money for research.

So I’m joining together with 36+ other rabbis to shave our heads in hopes of raising money and raising awareness. My goal is to raise $5,000 before I go under the razor. We only have 7 days to do it.

Will you donate to my Shave for the Brave?
In Superman Sam’s memory?
In honor of all those kids struggling with cancer?
In memory of those who we failed to help?

I’m tired of burying people, kids before their time. let’s do something about it.

Please make a meaningful donation.
I’ll make sure Sam’s parents know the good that you are doing. And I’ll send you a before and after picture too.

Donate here.  Donate NOW.

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