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Inspiration Inside, the Siddur and Me

How does a rabbi find spiritual sustenance during the prayer service? Especially during those parts of services when the cantor so beautiully leads us through the prayers?

I confess that I sometimes wander through our siddur, Mishkan T’filah, hoping that the Holy One will guide me to words of wisdom or poetry whih will touch my heart. Usually I discover a new gem within our siddur.

Thus begins a Shabbat blogging feature: Inspiration Inside, the Siddur and Me. First post!

Create a pure heart within me;
let my soul wake up in Your light.
Open me to Your Presence;
flood me with Your holy spirit.
Then I will stand and sing out
the power of Your forgiveness.
I will teach Your love to the lonely;
the lost will find their way home.
Adonai, open up my lips
And my mouth will declare Your praise.

[Mishkan T’filah, p. 63
Stephen Mitchell, adapted from Psalm 51]

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