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“Raising Kids with Spirituality”

by Leslee Komaiko

I hope people will see Judaism belongs in your heart, in your kitchen, in your backyard, at the beach and everywhere. Part of one chapter is just about conversations with your kids. We put in a couple of ways we were able to converse more easily with our children. One of those for me was when we took walks… They would just start talking because we were going somewhere. That was a really beautiful way to converse and connect.

Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, Jan. 6, ’16

“Around Town: Raising Kids with Spirituality”

by Leslee Komaiko

If spirituality is a sense of and connection to something deeper, greater, more than ourselves, and Judaism is a culture and a people and religious tradition, and parenting is figuring out how to take these innocent, young creations — all potential — and raising them, then Jewish spiritual parenting is raising children to have a sense that they are part of something greater and deeper, and to connect with everybody and everything with gratitude, joy and kindness.

Tribe Magazine, Dec. 1, ’15