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Praise for Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Dr. Wendy Mogul
“This book is a gem. The authors serve as your warm, wise and candid guides to a stunning range of Jewish wisdom for the here and now…. Learn and enjoy.”
Rabbi Rick Jacobs
“An invaluable guide for parents seeking to raise spiritually resilient and grounded children.”
Rabbi Rick Jacobs
president, Union for Reform Judaism
“There are many how-to books on the market, but few address how to nurture a soul. … A provocative, honest and practical guide for cultivating the soul. It is a gift to all of us who care about the spiritual imagination of children.”
Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
author of many award-winning children’s book, including God’s Paintbrush
“An invaluable resource for parents who are concerned not only with their children’s success, but with their soul.”
Rabbi David Wolpe
Max Webb Rabbi of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles; best-selling author, Teaching Your Children about God
Carla Naumburg
“Offer[s] a powerful blend of useful information, insightful questions and concrete practices that meets each of us where we are and takes us where we want to go.”
Carla Naumburg, PhD
“With rare wisdom, gentle love and humor, Paul Kipnes and Michelle November turn parenting into a spiritual adventure. This book is a blessing to a new generation of families. I will joyfully share it with new parents and grandparents.”
Rabbi Edward Feinstein
senior rabbi, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino; author, Tough Questions Jews Ask: A Young Adult’s Guide to Building a Jewish Life
phyllis sommer
“Alternating between personal anecdotes and Jewish teachings, the book is a lovely blend of inspiration and instruction… A comprehensive guide for Jewish parents across the spiritual spectrum. Paul and Michelle offer delightful nuggets of wisdom that I look forward to using and sharing.”
Rabbi Phyllis Sommer
parenting blogger, Superman Sam
jay ruderman
“Inclusion is a value that the entire Jewish community must practice—in its synagogues, schools, camps and community organizations. Paul Kipnes and Michelle November have been leaders on this issue in their community and we can all learn from their example of acceptance and inclusion.”
Jay Ruderman
“Engaging and spiritually motivating…. A must-read for clergy, parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone charged with the holy task of nurturing young souls.”
Rabbi Ilana C. Garber
Beth El Temple, West Hartford, Connecticut; blogger, ilanagarber.com
“With warmth, candor, Jewish insight and practical wisdom, Paul Kipnes and Michelle November show us all how to be better parents. By reminding us that both childhood and parenting are spiritual journeys, they illuminate a path toward wholeness for us all.”
Rabbi David Stern
senior rabbi, Temple Emanu-El, Dallas
“A wonderful, idea-packed, practical guide for shaping a spiritually alive Jewish family. The perfect gift for parents and grandparents looking to bring joy and meaning, blessings and kisses into the home.”
Dr. Ron Wolfson
Fingerhut Professor of Education, American Jewish University; author, God’s To-do List: 103 Ways to Be an Angel and Do God’s Work on Earth
“Gently encourage[s] the reader to explore the myriad ways of infusing parenting with moments of deep meaning.”
Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr
“Insightful, uplifting and filled with lots of practical tips…. It should sit right next to Dr. Spock on the nightstand.”
Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky
Ruben Arquilevich
“Paul Kipnes and Michelle November share their decades of wisdom on our most sacred work as parents—raising our children… They live it, breathe it, teach it. Their children are the greatest testimony.”
Ruben Arquilevich
“A wonderful resource…. Informed by traditional and modern Jewish sources. A very helpful guide at many levels.”

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