Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Parenting Talks

Extend the Conversation Beyond the Book!

We would love to talk/teach about Jewish Spiritual Parenting at your temple, synagogue, day school, Jewish Community Center, camp, group home, or organization. Potential topics include:

Parenting – All Ages

  • Transforming Your Children’s Attitude into Gratitude
  • 5 Jewish Values that will Transform Your Parenting
  • Reframing the Conversation: Strategies to Nurture Self-Reliance in our Children
  • Talking to your Kids about God and Spirituality: What to Say and How to Say It
  • Why Judaism has 14 Words for Joy and How Can I Bring that Into our Lives?

Parenting – Tots, Nursery, Elementary

  • Bedtime and Wake Up Rituals to Bring Spirituality into Your Family
  • Early Childhood: Nurturing Healthy Jewish Spirituality Right from the Start
  • Creating Joyous, Spiritual Holiday Celebrations (tailored to upcoming Jewish holidays)

Parenting – Pre-teens, Teens

  • Teaching Deeper Truths: Talking in Ways that Your Teen will Hear
  • How to Raise Resilient, Ethical Jewish Teenagers (and Preteens too)
  • Taking Wholesome Values with You: Preparing Your Child for a Healthy Transition to College


  • Jewish Spiritual Grandparenting: More than Just Praying
  • Ethical Wills: Passing on Your Truth L’dor Vador (from Generation to Generation)
  • 6 Things To Do with Your Kids Now to Ensure Your Grandchildren will be Jewish


  • Interfaith Parenting: Negotiating the Joys and Challenges of Parenting with Different Religious Backgrounds
  • When Your Children Marry Non-Jews: 7 Rules that Every Jewish Grandparent Should Follow
  • Minimizing the Challenges and Maximizing the Joy of Being the Jewish Grandparents
  • How to Approach Your Adult Child about Your Grandchild’s Jewish Upbringing

Inclusion/Special Needs

  • Inclusion: Why Your Family Matters so Much to the Jewish Community
  • Your Child Can Become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah: We Can Show You How

Special Focus

We also can create special focus on:

  • Parenting children in nursery school, elementary or middle school
  • Parenting pre-teens and teens, and pre-B’nai Mitzvah students
  • Parenting as a single parent
  • Parenting through a divorce
  • Youth engagement in your synagogue