Jewish Spiritual Parenting

How to Use the Book

Make the Most of a Great Resource

Jewish Spiritual Parenting is reinvigorating Jewish parenting.

Synagogues, religious schools, nursery schools, parent and me, summer camps, youth movements, rabbis, cantors, educators, Jewish community centers, federations and day schools are using Jewish Spiritual Parenting to engage and teach Jewish parenting and grand parenting. We would be thrilled to help you brainstorm these and other ideas.

Birth and Baby Naming Gifts

Rabbis and Cantors are guiding new parents – biological and adoptive – by gifting this guide to Jewish parenting (Rabbi Mark Miller, TEmple Beth E, Bloomfield, Ml)

Tot Shabbat Engagement

Engage first and second time attendees at Tot Shabbat with a gift symbolizing an investment in the parents and their future Jewish family life.

Young Family Engagement

Purchase bulk copies and gift the each Kindergarten through third grade family with a copy to foster Jewish spiritual growth. Hold parenting seminars and discussions as a value-added follow-up. (Houston, TX)

Gift copies to parents during simchas: Beth El Temple gives it as a companion to the siddur the 3rd graders receive (Rabbi Ilana Garber, Beth El Temple, West Hartford, CT).

Teach it as the text or curriculum for a family education program. (Educator Sarah Lauing, Temple Shaaray Tefila, New York, NY)

Consecration Gifts

Gift each family at Consecration with this guide for Jewish Spiritual family life.

Parenting Book Group

Gather religious school parents with a rabbi/educator or member-teacher/social worker during religious school to read together the book and reflect upon Jewish parenting. Many of the “Try This” activities make great discussion topics. (Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias, Temple Beth El, Santa Cruz, CA)

Chanukah Gifts

Give the book to Parent and Me teachers. (The book is filled with wisdom and activities to guide new parents)

Give the book to Religious School teachers. (The book offers insights into the joys and challenges of parenting)

Parenting Class

Teach a class for parents (moms, dads or both) which focuses on the three parts of the book: teaching Jewish values, sharing parenting strategies, and doing the “Try This” activities together. Invite a local social worker or parenting expert to co-teach.

Book Signing and Parenting Seminar

Invite the authors to lead a parenting seminar (see topic ideas) at your synagogue or organization. Partner with other Jewish organizations to attract more participation.

Day School Donor Gatherings

Honor Jewish day school donors with a personalized, signed copy. Hold a private parenting seminar with the authors (or over Skype) as a value-added experience. (Valley Beth Shalom Harold M. Schulweis Day School, Blue and White Dinner, Encino, CA)

Summer Camp Parent Recruitment

Host parenting sessions as a “value added experience,” that doubles as a recruitment and retention program. In areas of larger concentrations of Jewish families, camps invite parents – of current and former campers, non-camper parents local synagogues and organizations, and unaffiliated families – to a session led by the authors. Raffles are held to receive signed copies of the book, which allows the camp to collect contact information.

Professional Development

Read the book together and discuss during monthly board or association meetings, like the Association of Reform Jewish Educators (ARJE) are doing. (Rabbi Laura Novak Winer, president)

Gather Parent and Me teachers from a coalition of synagogues, day schools, and JCC’s for a session on How Parent and Me Teachers Can Foster Deeply Spiritual Home Life (Simms Mann Foundation with the BJE, Los Angeles, CA)