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Lucille Goldin and Teen Andrew Gurewitz Blog on Through Israel

Or Ami Israel Trip Participants blog on through Israel.

Teen Andrew Gurewitz writes: I had a great time in the jeep ride through Maktesh Ramon. Well really they were a land rover. Today it is poring rain as we drive through the desert. The jeeps went all off road. One of the jeeps almost fell off the road. Quite the scare. Luckily, no one was hurt.

We also went for a lovely hike through An Avdat. We came to an oasis. Ibex were a popular sight on the hike as well. Ibex were a like a goat. The males have long curving horns. They are very sure footed. As well they blend in well with the cliffs. All in all it was a very good day.

Lucille Goldin: The Bedouin people who wondered through the desert were very interesting to learn about. We had the opportunity to go to a Bedouin Village and see first hand how they lived. The highlight for me was riding a camel with Ryan, of course he took the front so I got the rear seat! Our camel ride was followed by a welcoming ceremony in their large tent where we were served both tea and coffee.
We were then lead to another tent where we ate a traditional Bedouin dinner chicken, rice, flat bread while being seated on cushions and served on tables low to the floor. The food was actually good enough to have seconds! I was glad that we had passed on the opportunity for our group to sleep in Bedouin tents overnight as the weather was extremely cold and our beds and warm hotel rooms felt very good upon our return.

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