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Mitzvah Day Reflections: Shelly Hiskey

Shelly Hiskey (mother of two):

Shelly Hiskey and Family

Our family just finished participating in Congregation Or Ami’s Mitzvah Day November social action project. We helped pack over 400 emergency comfort bags for children who have been removed to foster care from dangerous situations in their home and often have nothing of their own during this very scary time.

At times during the day I would stop and look around to see a packed synagogue with people of all ages focused on one large social action project. I was truly amazed with the enormity, energy and excitement that went into planning this day. The organizing that must go into this event is staggering. Between obtaining all the supplies that make up each emergency bag to organizing the stations to pack over 400 very full bags to decorating 400 pillow cases and including personalized messages and keep everyone focused is incredible. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and hundreds of people chose to spend part of their day inside doing this important work.

In today’s world of rushing from one activity to the next, it was a true joy to work as a family for a project that would help kids in dire situations. And as is the case with so many of these projects the true gift came back to all of us. We all left at the end of the day exhausted but happy knowing that we spent some constructive Jewish time together doing something that would help others.

We feel truly blessed to have found a home at Congregation Or Ami where so many are willing to give their time and energies to issues outside of the walls of the synagogue.

Annually, at Congregation Or Ami (Calabasas, CA), we assemble 400+ comfort duffle bags for kids going into emergency foster care. When the world feels most scary for them, we provide them with toys, games, books, toiletries, clothing, a nightlight, a blanket and more. Each bag includes an individualized, artistically-drawn with a caring sweet dreams message. This Mitzvah Day November (we run 2 other Mitzvah Days) bring hundreds of Jewish families together for meaningful social justice work. BE INSPIRED HERE.

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