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The Morning Routine

Since the Gaza Operation began, here’s what I do every morning.

  • Up before 6AM.
  • Turn on computer
  • Review Ha’aretz newspaper for news from Israel. Then Jerusalem Post, Ynet and others.
  • Hit the blogs, starting with Jack’s Gaza Round Up Part Three, following links all over the blogsphere. A Soldier’s Mother, reminds me of the importance to call my niece in the IDF (army)
  • Review my Rabbi Listserves for updates from Israel.
  • Then onto NYtimes, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox (gotta love how on every issue they see the world through different eyes).
  • Blog updates and links…

Then back around again and again. Until my wife or kids pull me away.

Some say I’m a news junkie.
Others believe it is just that I am an Oheiv Yisrael, a lover of Israel.
My wife and kids think I have become a blog addict. I once wrote an article about being a recovering Crackberry addict (the gist of it is here). Have I substituted one addiction for another? Or perhaps its just because I’m on vacation and I’m concerned about what is happening in Israel…

Of course, I’m loving blogging. Blogging daily was one of my top 4 things to do on my vacation.

Here’s why blogging is fun, from Eddie’s Rainbow of Thoughts.

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