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New Orleans: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing

The rabbis of our Reform Movement gather in New Orleans for an annual convention to study, to reflect, and to explore the intersection between Jewish tradition and our daily lives. Being in New Orleans, home to the most devastating hurricane in recent American history, presents an added challenge: how does Jewish tradition respond to the continued dislocation and poverty of many thousands of New Orleans residents?  What responsibility do we have for the care and rejuvenation of this city and it’s population?  I look forward to grappling with these, and many other, significant issues.

In addition, I would list these as my top ten things I am looking forward to doing in New Orleans:

  1. Reconnecting with Colleagues and making new friends
  2. Listening to great jazz, blues and gospel music
  3. Further exploring Jewish involvement in community organizing
  4. Discovering what has been done to rebuild New Orleans and grapple with our American responsibility for it
  5. Reviewing how our community responds to interfaith families and couples
  6. Learning some thought-provoking Torah
  7. Walking the alleys and byways of New Orleans
  8. Raising some much needed new funds for the CCAR
  9. Deepening some of my rabbinic skills
  10. Contemplating the Holy One
  11. Learning about the growth of progressive Judaism in Israel

Or 11 top things…

I’m excited to be there.

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